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Diesel 12V 5KW Pro Max Alpine

Diesel 12V 5KW Pro Max Alpine

Brand: LAVANER Pro
Model: Lava Alpine
Error Code: E1-E15
Timer: Available
Thermostat: Available
High Elevation: Available at 18000 Feet, Auto Compensation
Voltage: 12V
Heating Efficiency: 5KW
Elec. Efficiency: 40W
Fuel Consumption: 0.51L/h
Dimension: 380*140*150
Products Description

The Alpine ECU automatically adjusts the air/fuel mixture based on the barometric pressure at the current elevation.   It works the same an Electronic Fuel Injection System in a car.   This is the only Chinese heater which has this capability.   You never need to change the fuel table, even up to 5500 meters (18,000 feet).


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